Augusta de Andrada is a Bolivian-born ensign of Project Platinum, serving as an technician in Period 2.


Augusta was born to a wealthy and rather successful family in Potosí, Bolivia.

After leaving Potosí together with the resistance, Augusta's status in the UNoE database was change to deceased.

Project Platinum

Physical appearance

Augusta is a female in her young 20's. She is rather petite, with a thin, rectangular, build and a height of 152 centimeters. Augusta's face is round and she has relatively big, dark-brown eyes. Her nose is small and round, while her lips are rather plump and of a dark rosy color. Her long, wavy hair has a deep black color and is usually tied up in double dutch braids.

  • Project Platinum clothing
  • Everyday clothing (polos, sweaters, ponchos)
  • Robo-clothing

When younger, Augusta was shorter, notably less curvier and tended to wear her hair loose. She was mostly seen wearing dresses.


Augusta is a soft-spoken and rather timid girl, which can be seen in how rarely she speaks at the beginning of the Project.

She has a tendency to worry a lot about things ranging from her performance to her teammates well-being.


Likotsi Moissan

Likotsi is Augusta's assigned partner in Project Platinum.

Henry Boyle

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