Ezekiel Jabir, also known as Boron, is a Turkish-born ensign in Project Platinum. He operates with Period 2 and is in the medical department.


Ezekiel was born in Turkey, outside the city of Eskişehir.

The first months of his living in Eskişehir he spent as a cleaner.

His first promotion made him medical assistant, meaning he tended smaller injuries and infections. He also took on a secondary job in production, where Ezekiel states his duty was to "melt and mold glass stuff".

He was later promoted to field medic.

Physical appearance

Ezekiel is a young man of average height and a lean build. He is said to be lightly tanned and has black, messy hair that extends slightly below his ears. His face is round but with a pointy chin, and he has slim, reddish-brown eyes.


Ezekiel is an outgoing, warm and enthusiastic person. He has a generally positive outlook on most things and strives to help the people he care about in any way possible.


Daniella Chaptal

Daniella is Zekeriya assigned partner and a close friend of his, despite them being rather different.

Laurence Kroto

Laurence and the Ezekiel became friends at the beginning of Project Platinum and has remained very close since then. Nova even notes that Ezekiel is rarely seen without Laurence by his side.




  • Ezekiel dislikes insects.