Henry Boyle is the son of Xiu and James Boyle, two of the scientists who were involved in Project Corrosion. He is currently piloting for Project Platinum, where he is an ensign in Period 1.


Early life

Henry was born at McNyers Space Station to scientists Xiu and James Boyle. As Xiu and James had been working on McNyers Space Station for a period of two years, including the time of Xiu's pregnancy, Henry was conceived while in space.

As McNyers Space Station was presumably attacked in the so called MSS Incident, Henry was sent back towards Earth along with his mother as well as a few medics, who all were dead when they arrived in Aquilo Outpost. Henry, newborn and wearing an air mask, was the only one who survived.

It was agree that the child would remain at the UNoE-governed Aquilo Outpost that Henry arrived in, and that he would remain institutional care at the hospital until all test done on him were finished.

As both Liu Yang and James were declared legally dead (declared death in absentia), three years after the incident, it was agreed that Henry could no longer stay at the hospital. While it was at first decided that Henry would be shipped away to a orphanage in England, a Canadian scientists named Maria Scheele, who had lost her sister and husband in the incident, decided to open an orphanage in Aquilo Outpost that was reserved for the children of scientists now declared dead.

Since adoption was still a very unusual occurrence about 30 years after The Outbreak, especially for children in Antartica, Henry spent the majority of his childhood in Maria's orphanage and went to school with the other kids at Aquilo Outpost.

Already from early age Henry was very avoidant of others, actively seeking distance from the other children his age. He had a difficulty getting along with other children and often felt anxious in social situations, mainly because he couldn't "understand" the other kids his age. Henry often isolated himself in order to read and in time he developed a passionate interest for aircraft and science in general. Since he wasn't too fond of spending time with the kids his age, Henry find himself alone with Maria a lot. She found herself caring a lot for Henry and spent a lot of time with him in order to gain his hard-won trust. As Henry grew up, he became more intelligent for each day that passed and performed exceptionally well in school, though it was clear in which subjects his interest laid.

Even though Maria taught him a lot about other humans and how they worked, Henry still grew up into somewhat of a lone-wolf and dedicated most of his time to reading about piloting and how aircrafts work. In time he got into engineering and began tinkering with materials, which soon turned into a real skill of his. He made daily trips to the local mechanic, where he was allowed to watch the mechanics at work and sometimes even help out. At 15 years of age Henry got his first part-time job, as the mechanic eventually decided that he should get paid for the work the young man was doing.

Life with Josephine

Henry is 14 years old when he meets Josephine Scheele for the first time. Josephine is the niece of Maria and therefore Maria provides temporary lodging as the then 18-year old woman came to Antartica for a work experience program conducted by the UN. Josephine is an aspiring scientist as well as a rather skilled pilot, who just like Henry lost a parent in the McNyers Incident. Henry, who has grown up with stories of brave pilots, is extremely awestruck as well as very interested in trying and initiating a conversation with her.

Josephine has heard a lot about Henry from her aunt and excitedly greets him upon meeting. The two of them soon began bonding over their mutual interests, as they talk about pilots and aircrafts and other mutual interests. As quickly as Maria took a liking to Henry, Josephine develops a friendship with him as well. She comes to spend a lot of her free time teaching him everything she knows, as well as building a rather personal bond with the younger boy. Soon Maria has stepped down to a second place on Henry's "favorite person in the world" list, but is overjoyed seeing Henry and Josephine getting along so well. When Henry is in school, Josephine works, and then the two of them usually spend the remainder of the day together at The Outpost Orphanage.

It isn't long before Josephine is bringing Henry along to the piloting bay for the first time, where she lets him have a go in the pilot simulation. This opens a whole new world for him and he takes to visiting as often as he can. And when he can't- he daydreams about it. His results in the simulation goes from a beginner's to a professional's in almost no time and after a lot of hard work and training, Henry is piloting on the difficulty that Josephine and her teammates are on. Henry, still only 14 at the time, becomes a steady visitor and the personnel as well as the students at the piloting base all encourage him to continue working hard in school and pursuing his piloting so he can eventually go in a real plane someday.

As the summer drags to an end, so is also Josephine's stay at Aquilo Outpost. She is expected to return and do a bit more work until her graduation at the end of summer and thus have to go back to Canada. Henry, heartbroken, takes the news of her expected leave very badly. He throws tantrums and returns back to his previous isolation, leaving both Maria and Josephine very sad. As Josephine is forced to leave, she opts for calling as often as she can and leaves after implementing a personal gesture with the contact-shy Henry. Th

After Josephine's leave,

Following his 18th birthday, Henry dropped out of school to join Project Platinum.

Physical appearance

Henry is noted to look younger than he is, mostly due to his soft features. He is of a short statue, reaching only 162 centimeters, and is rather skinny is his build (though he is said to grow a bit in mass after joining Project Platinum). Henry is naturally pale, but the polar sun has given him a lightly tanned complexion that shows a few freckles on his cheeks.




Josephine Scheele

Daniella Chaptal

Daniella is the first person (with the exception of Josephine) to greet Henry upon his arrival at Trillium Base and it is he who later introduces Daniella to Josephine.

Augusta de Andrada

Augusta and Henry form somewhat of a bond immediately, since their both relatively young recruits and share both living quarters and team (since Period 1 and 2 usually work together).

Louise Wohler

Louise and Henry meet the first day, immediately forming a friendship based upon their mutual interest in aircrafts. They also develop a strong rivalry as they often compete.




  • Henry is the youngest participant in Project Platinum.
  • Henry is said to have some form of autism, most likely Asperger's Syndrome (mild autism).