A period is a designation within Project Platinum.

Period 1

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Period 1 is lead by Commander Samson Noble, code name Helium.

The first period is special as it hosts only two people; one Ensign and one Commander. The reason for this is that ensign Henry Boyle was still in the need of education in order to graduate and start Project Platinum, and therefore was assigned a 'private tutor'; Commander Samson Noble. In official missions, Period 1 almost always operates together with Period 2.

Period 2

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Period 2 is lead by Commander Nova Noble, code name Neon.

Period 3

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Period 3 is lead by Commander Riley Noble, code name Argon. 

Period 4

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Period 4 is lead by Commander Rune Noble, code name Krypton. 

Period 5

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Period 5 is lead by Commander Neil Noble, code name Xenon.

Period 6

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Period 6 is lead by Commander Amir, code name Radon.